Chevrolet Bolt Review

Chevrolet Bolt Review

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The Chevrolet Bolt is a fantastic option for people who want to try electric cars for the first time. The experience can be exhilarating once the vehicle owner learns how to charge the battery with the 240-Volt charger or DC quick charger. The affordable compact car is in the top 10 list of its class on sites like US News, and it continues garner enough sales to warrant reproduction each year. Let's take a minute to review some of the key features of this vehicle so that potential buyers can get an idea of what it offers.


Affordability is perhaps the most desirable quality that this car offers. It has an amazing MSRP for an all-electric car. Consumers can pick up a brand new Bolt for about $36,620. The low MSRP is not the only plus to the price, however. Additional discounts are available such as manufacturer rebates, dealership sales and federal tax credits. One of the best perks that come with buying an electric car is that the government rewards the vehicle owners. New Bolt owners can receive a tax reduction of up to $3,750 just because they own an electric car. That's reason enough to think about trying this car.


Although the Bolt is listed as a compact vehicle, it has plenty of space to accommodate drivers, riders and the cargo that comes with them. With 56.6 cubic feet of cargo space, no one will have to leave anything at home. Each passenger will be able to take his or her fair share of cargo along for the ride. The Bolt has many interior features that make it a desirable option. The car can seat up to five people, which means a complete family can travel comfortably in it. Prospective buyers can order a model that has features such as heated seats, leather interior and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, as well. Furthermore, the technology in the vehicle is beyond abundant. Riders will always have plenty to do, and they'll be able to stay in touch with their friends and conduct their various tasks. The Bolt has many more features than what's on the Camry features list. Thus, potential buyers should consider looking at a Chevy for their next great buy.


Many people wonder about whether the performance of an electric vehicle. There's no need to worry about the Bolt because the power and performance are there. The bolt EV model provides 200 horsepower. There's a lot of power inside of that small body, and its size makes it quick and nimble. All-electric versions can provide up to 238 miles of constant driving off of one battery charge. That's enough to get a family to a vacation destination quickly and efficiently. Charging the car is as easy as plugging in a mobile phone. The owner can charge it overnight and then take care of his or her errands early in the morning. Commuting to work can be a breeze, as well. It's not a sports car, so it won't provide as much pizzazz as what's in the Chevrolet Camaro review, but it will do the trick.

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The Bolt is fully loaded with a ton of safety features that will keep everyone secure on the journeys. Some of the safety features the model has include features such as Front Pedestrian Braking, Forward Collision Alert and Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking. The vehicle also has a strong foundation that encloses the riders in absolute safety. The review comments from people who have purchased the model contained lots of praise in the safety area. Review comments also stressed that the model had amazing handling and snappy acceleration.


As mentioned before, the tech features are abundant in this car. The 10.2-inch color touchscreen comes in handy when it comes time for entertainment pictures. The driver will always have access to vehicle information on the separate 8-inch diagonal driver cluster, as well. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications will keep drivers and passengers in touch with their favorite applications and music. Additionally, the car comes with Wi-Fi, which is a feature that connects compatible devices to an internet connection they can use for a variety of reasons. The MyChevrolet mobile app is there to further convenience the driver with remote vehicle access. Many additional features are available to review. Interested persons should contact the dealership to find out more about electric cars and their options.


There are two trim levels available for the Bolt EV vehicle. The LT comes with 17-inch wheels, 10 airbags, SiriusXM music, Michelin self-sealing puncture tires and more. The Premium version comes with roof rails, leather interior features, heated seats, a false cargo floor and additional safety features. The list of features on each trim is too long to report, but the dealership can explain it to an interested party.

The pictures of the Chevrolet Bolt don't do it enough justice. A potential buyer needs to experience the feel of it. That person needs to get inside of it and see how comfortable it is. The individual must then go on a test-drive to gauge its performance and talk to the potential salesperson about the amenities, gadgets, trim levels and optional features that may be available. Contact the local dealership about the Bolt if you are interested in having a chance to review it. You may like it enough to complete an application for ownership. That might be the best decision you've ever made in your life.

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