Chevrolet Camaro Review

Chevrolet Camaro Review

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The 2019 Chevrolet Camaro has many wonderful attributes that you would do well to learn as you shop for a new car. This is one of the oldest and most classic sports cars in the world, and it is still going strong even today. You will learn quite a lot about these cars once you have read through this review, and you will discover that they offer you a lot of driving quality once you get behind the wheel.

Trim Packages

The Camaro has several trim packages that not different than if you read car reviews 2019 of something like the Honda Civic 2019. There are many ways to build a car like this, and the barebones muscle car attitude remains even after you add amenities.

Chevrolet offers:

  • LS
  • LT
  • SS
  • ZL1

The LS and LT are closer to the basic package that you would get with any standard car. The SS is also known as the Super Sport, and the ZL1 plays off the name of another Chevrolet classic known as the Corvette. You can buy or lease any trim package you want when you are on the lot, or you could adjust the car that you are buying online. You can get a massive engine with very few amenities if you like, or you could get a car that has been completely decked out in all the luxury and technology you deserve. Even drivers in the LS or LT model will find this car far more comfortable and easier to drive than vintage models.


The interior of the Camaro is designed with two captain’s seats up front and a flat seat in the back. You get the perfect driving position in the front of the car, but you can lounge in the back with a three-point harness that you would not have gotten in the vintage models of this car. 

You get climate control, a navigation system, controls on the steering wheel, and a sunroof if you would like. The car is meant to make you as comfortable as possible, and you can even sync your phone with the car so that you can use navigation, check your email, send texts, or place calls that play through the speakers in the car. 


Performance in the Camaro changes based on how much you would like to pay for the car. You can get 275 horsepower in the standard LT model, but you get 650 if you move up to the ZL1. You have a lot of options when you are trying to hear that thunder on the road every time you start the car, and there are many V6 engines in between that give you that throaty sound you are used to hearing in old movies.

Interior Chevrolet Camaro 2019


Safety features in the car include airbags, lane assist, and blind spot detection. You get emergency breaking that can stop the car faster than you can. The body styles have been designed with special crumple zones, and the seatbelts are even made in the three-point style in the back. Because of this, everyone is safe in the car. This has become a fun family car or road trip car that is far more comfortable than normal.


Technology inside the car allows you to connect to the Internet, drive hands-free when you are on the phone, and provide your passengers with a lovely sonic experience. You can change the AC to different settings in the front and the back. Plus, you have a much more advanced dashboard that gives you realtime information about the car. You can even check the onboard computer information on the display screen.


The Chevy Camaro starts at $25,000, but you will begin adding to the price as you add options. You can look through their many trim package above, but you could also adjust each trim package based on what you want out of the car. You are not forced to buy a static model that is just like everything on the lost. The MSRP will shift right before your very eyes if you are buying online, and you come to a price that you are happy with.

You can lease this car for less than the MSRP, or you could price the car online to get the exact amenities you want. If the dealership does not have the car you want, they could order that car from the factory or have it delivered from another dealer.

For reference, the price range is about $25,000 to about $39,000 without tax or other fees that are charged in each state. You can poet an amazing Camaro Super Sport, or you might step back to a base model just so that you can drive in a muscle car from your youth that can no become your reality.

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