Honda civic 2019 review

Honda civic 2019 review

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Honda makes several versions of the Honda Civic as most auto manufacturers do. It’s a popular car in its class and between being stylish inside and out, it also boasts being the most enjoyable vehicle to drive and enjoy time in. It comes in a variety of different colors as well as being stylish, for a small to mid-size vehicle, it is also economical as well. The Civic is one of those autos that when it was introduced in the market, with its well reception with the public it was meant to be just one of those cars that become a classic and made a firm footing in the U.S. market especially, and it was going to be staying a while. That has been many years ago now and it is still a strong favorite even among the younger generation. So, let us take a look at its features and assets that make this vehicle a yearly favorite with most everyone. 

Honda Civic 2019 – Price 

There are three main versions of the Civic that the Kelly Blue book has listed right now. 
1)The Sedan - It starts from (MSRP) $19,450 and varies from dealer to dealer. 
2)The Coupe - It starts from (MSRP) $20,650 again varies from dealer to dealer. 
3)The Hatchback - A classic and ready to go at (MSRP) $21,450. 
Now you may be wondering exactly what does any of prices have to do with me? Well, when you are ready looking for somewhere to go, these prices could mean the difference in settling on somewhere just because you are limited on funds and really does not worry you because you know you have gotten a really great deal and saved money. First, Look in the Kelly Blue Book, if needed, they may be purchased at most book stores or car dealerships. Finally these are good prices on the civic however, keep in mind though, in the city could cost less than being in the country, why? Because in a larger city, there is more competition for the customer’s attention and desire for their business than in the small towns. So, keep this in mind when shopping. 

Honda Civic 2019 - Lease 

The next thing is to decide whether you wish to pay a traditional auto loan for 5 or 7 years or to go with the lease option, which simply means after a certain length of time, the car is to be turned in and another is leased for another however long you may wish to lease. Sometimes this is a better way to go if you are one that trades in every couple years or so, does not travel too much keeping the miles low, they will deduct millage if any is over what is given at the time of lease. However the upside is, you don’t have to worry about maintenance on the vehicle because under a lease that is completely taken care of like oil changes and tune ups and other routine things that the car may need. Which saves you money, which can run into a lot of cash out of pocket in today’s market. 

Honda Civic 2019 - Engine

Honda Civic 2019 - Engine

The most common engine use is the In-Line 4-Cylinder and its displacement is 1996 cc and has torque of 158@6500 rpm. This is impressive for a 4 cylinder small engine that are historically lacking take off speed and is generally slower than most others on the road, especially after they are driven for a while. It’s fuel injected and has the 16 valve DOHC iVEC. Engine that has a lot of get up and go so to speak. The compression ratio is 10.8 :1 which is impressive for this class of engine, all this means it has way more than enough power to get where it needs to be and without worry about break downs or mishaps. Finally it has hill assist and direct ignition system demobilizer which means it will shut off when the brake is pressed too hard and it has an Eco-assist system, which are all great to have. 

Honda Civic 2019 – Interior

Honda Civic 2019 – Interior

Seating is roomy with it being able to seat 5 comfortably. There is lots of head room and leg room as well. Unlike some it doesn’t cramp everyone up either having to tightly keep their legs tucked into them instead of stretching out or ducking their heads some because the ceiling is too low to the rest of the vehicle. The cargo well it is roomy with over 15 c.ft. of space. It has way more room than some cars that are even larger than it is. 

Honda Civic 2019 – Features

It has a 6-speed transmission with a fuel mileage of 25 / 36 / 29 (city, highway & combined) and holds over 12+ gallons of fuel at fill up. It also has a lane departure warning sensor, head on collision sensor, road departure sensor, brake assist, anti lock braking, airbags all around the vehicle, vehicle stability assist, multi angle camera, daylight running lights and much more. This is truly a good all-around car and well worth the money.

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