2020 Hyundai Sonata with luxury styling

2020 Hyundai Sonata with luxury styling

The wait is over, Hyundai Sonata broke the 2020 cover yesterday, Presenting the phenomenal new hatchback banging it one step ahead than the rest of the medium-sized cars. It gives signs of the Le Fij Rouge, which made its debut at Geneva a year ago. The new Sonata has a lesser height and broader width which will give a good ground suspension. On the other hand, increased wheelbase and length gives makes it more comfortable for customers. 

The components at the front have a new “digital pulse” introduced by Hyundai. It provides cascading grille and daytime running lights inserted with hidden lighting, lamps which turn chronic when turned off. The new lighting was introduced by the company the previous year when they adopted the HDC -2 concepts to take the Hyundai lighting a majestic look. These lights are further connected to window frames all along the hood and sides across the car. It adds a great impact to the car as it creates a majestic outline all around the car. 

Some of the car reviews highlight that the Interior of Sonata gives a classy cockpit look thou the previous model also gives you a great feel altogether. It gives a glossy chromic tone. The company claims that they took the concept of stealth aircraft as they were inspired by it and wanted to give the same feel to their customers as if they are not just driving a car but make you a feel not to step out of it. The dashboard has been decreased in height by the designers which they claim gives a weightless feel. The middle part and the gauge batch screen smaller as compared to the current displays and have electric touch button options. For now, That’s all the information we have and we’d be expecting a four-cylinder hybrid engine for this classy car soon.

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