Storms damage dealerships in Texas and Ohio

Storms damage dealerships in Texas and Ohio

Last weekend a group of powerful and destructive storms made their way from Texas to Ohio leaving a wake of destruction and loss in their path. Some of the most significant losses occurred to many dealerships that were in the storms vicious path. Many dealerships succumbed to significant monetary loss including North Park Lexus at Dominion located in San Antonio Texas. North Park Lexus at Dominion incurred a staggering $1 million in damage after the destructive storm dropped significant size hail to the area on Saturday according to our sources at NBC News Channel 4. The hail produced by these powerful storms cracked windows and dented the bodies of over 500 cars. One image provided to us showed how the destructive hail had broken through the rear window of one vehicle.

In addition to the destruction to North Park Lexus at Dominion, two dealerships in Ohio also incurred massive amounts of damage as a tornado which was spawned by the powerful storms touched down in Shelby, Ohio. The city of Shelby located 90 miles southwest of Cleveland received a direct hit from the tornado causing significant damage to Rocket Chevrolet and images provided to us by our sources at Fox 8 Clevelandshowed significant structural damage along with massive amounts of debris that spread across the dealerships lot. Not only did Rocket Chevrolet incur damage the dealership located across the street, but Donley Ford also sustained massive amounts of damage from the tornado as well according to our sources at WKYC-TV.

While the massive storms and tornadoes caused damage to dealerships, they also caused a path of destruction that toppled telephone lines and downed traffic lights over a significant portion of Route 39. The violent storms caused over 115,000 customers to lose electricity in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, and North Carolina. According to our sources at PowerOutage.US these customers still were without service as of Monday afternoon. According to The National Weather Service, the severe weather that started in the South on Saturday and continued is the path of destruction on a course that took it in the mid-Atlantic by Monday morning spawned over a dozen tornadoes and caused eight individuals to lose their lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the individuals who lost their lives during the storm and hope that individuals who are still without power will have it restored as soon as possible.

In our quest to provide as much information as possible Automotive News made several attempts to reach the dealerships of Donley Ford, North Park Lexus at Dominion, and Rocket Chevrolet for comment but our efforts were unsuccessful.

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